Board of Advisors

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Contact Sherry Ems, Executive Director, with any questions. 614-317-7906

USO Ohio Board of Advisors:
These local leaders help give guidance and support to the USO Ohio:

Paul Clark
Craig Combest
Chris Coombs
John Devillier Mike Dittoe
Kevin Duffin
Troy Eden
Ben Forquer
Randy Gantt
Steven Goodin
Dean Gregory
Michael Hann
Natalie Hays
Duane Hickerson
La'Var Howell
John Keaton
Ruthie Keefe
Michael Logue
Ryan Puckett
Chuck Pursh
Eric Rine
Andy Roth
Ron Schwachenwald
Seth Shalov
Lucy Stickan
Megan Stuerenberg
Lou Terhar
Brian Van ValkenBurg
Albert Whatmough