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The USO Ohio is prioritizing the delivery of USO Care Packages to those service members who have been activated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. USO Care Packages – primarily, Snack Packs and Toiletry Packs with hygiene essentials – have already been sent to bases and military installations, and the USO Ohio will continue to adjust to this rapidly changing situation, delivering Care Packages as needed. These kits will provide invaluable support to service members who are working on the front lines of the pandemic as the military continues its global COVID-19 support efforts.

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Good Morning, I just arrived in Erbil Iraq and received an awesome Care Package from you all and just wanted to thank you. We have a Care Package shelf that Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and Navy can come and take what they need/want. This is my 4th deployment to the middle east, I had 3 in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. I have attached a picture of myself to make it more personal and a picture of the Care package area so you can see where your donations go. Thank you again. ~Jimmy
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