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  1. WPAFB Serving Heroes Dinner - Super Sandwiches! 

    Wright-Patterson AFB USO Center

    Wright-Patterson AFB Building 1222 2221 Birch Street WPAFB, OH 45433

    Next Wednesday night we’ll be teaming up with the Gary Sinise Foundation and Jason’s Deli of Beavercreek for our next Serving Heroes Dinner! Each family attending will receive their selection of adult-friendly and kid-friendly sandwiches (ham, turke…

    Sep 29th, 2021 4:30 PM EDT (1630Q)

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As a 24-year active duty Air Force member, I have traveled the world and the first place I search out is the USO. I know that I will always find a nice couch, good food and warm hearts from those that volunteer their time taking care of America's military. Today, I sit in Afghanistan finishing out my 1-year tour of duty and there has not been a month go by that I haven't received a care package (or 2 ... or 3) from the USO of Central and Southern Ohio. This is why the USO is my favorite organization and why they will always be one of the first places I search for in my worldly travels.
Chief Master Sergeant, USAF Command Chief Find out how to support USO